Daylesford past and present
   St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church
Location: Camp St.
The foundation stone was laid on December 9th 1903.
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Postcard of St. Andrews
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Placing of a foundation stone
The Daylesford Advocate Thursday December 10, 1903

The ceremony in connection with the placing of the foundation stone of the new brick Presbyterian Church at Daylesford took place yesterday.

The luncheon

The invited guests from a distance, together with the local clergy and a few lady friends were entertained by the building committee at luncheon in the Albert Hall at one o’clock. The building was beautifully decorated with flags &c., and at the end of the hall were the words, “For Auld Lang Syne,” on tartan under the Scottish flag.

The placing of the stone

After justice had been done to the good things, an adjournment was made to the site of the new church, when those who had to take part in the proceedings, including Mrs. Leggatt, and a number of ladies, were accommodated on a platform in front of the new church. The choir occupied seats just inside the corner of the walls and sung well under the direction of Mr. Dickson.

Dr. Adam, as Chairman of the Building Committee, said he felt proud of the position he was called upon to fill in the afternoon. They had met to lay the foundation stone of the Presbyterian Church, but he thought it ought to be the coping stone, as the foundation had already been built in the ground. They had been anxious about the weather for several days past, and he was pleased that they had been blessed with a fine day for the celebrations.

After it was sold, the site has fallen into disrepair.