Human Form
Sanctity painting

The sanctity of inanimate objects


The inanimate objects on earth, the stones, the streets, even our houses, are the things we can rely upon.

If they are no longer there or have been altered, we can, from available evidence, establish what has happened to them. "The garbage is gone because I put it out to be collected and the truck came this morning."

Inanimate objects give this world continuity and a sense of certainty, unlike the world of our dreams where nothing is certain and nothing can be guaranteed.

Our confidence in our ability to take the existence of inanimate objects for granted, is one of the triumphs of logic and classical physics. "It'll always be there... until somebody blows it up."

On the other hand, the moral codes and dogma developed by the world's religions don't always defend those without souls.... or life, however the big picture includes all elements of creation, and some things have nothing to prove.

Inanimate objects are our bedrock.

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