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The Interpretation of Dreams


Surrealize your dreams

Watching films with strong visual qualities may actually improve one's dream imagery.

In the first half century of the "scientific" dream interpretation fad begun by Freud, people expressed the belief that they dreamt in black and white. In those days, everyone who went to the cinema saw two dimensional black and white images. Films, especially those from the Hollywood "dream factory", had a strong similarity to the emotional non-tangible nature of dreams - hence dreams began to be remembered in the same way as films - in black and white.

Organizations such as the Melbourne Cinémathèque show both black and white and color films, but unlike the bulk of commercial films and their wizz-bang blandness, the vast majority of Cinémathèque films are visually stunning - they have such varied filmic styles that they expand our visual catalog, broaden our horizons as it were. The new ways of looking at things, unconsciously learnt whilst watching films with superior imagery, are passed on and used to improve our perception when we dream.


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